About Quality Management Australia (QMAus)

Our Vision

We help people do better in business.

Our Mission

To achieve our vision, we introduce businesses to new tools and innovative solutions to grow their business and achieve continued success.

Our Scope

Operating in Australia and New Zealand, we develop, implement and maintain a Business Improvement Management System, including consulting services, training, internal audit and strategic planning

Our History

Meet the team

Terry O'Brien

Terry has spent over 20 years supporting Defence Industry particularly in the area of maintenance, engineering and integrated logistics.

Terry has the knowledge, expertise and credibility to help implement Integrated Management Systems in 8 weeks with certification guaranteed.  

He works with management teams to ensure they are committed to the success of the Integrated Management System and leads them through the total journey to certification. 

Terry trains staff to function better within the Quality environment and provides ongoing support to ensure the Integrated Quality Management System “stays on the rails”. 

Terry works with companies in Aviation, Defence, Mining, Oil and Gas, Transport, Manufacturing and Construction.

His new hobby is to focus on ISO 55001!

Asrar Ismail

Business Improvement & Information Security

Asrar has a strong background in business analysis and process re-engineering. This includes understanding the current processes and recommending ways to improve your business. Her approach is seeking technological intervention to automate mundane processes as well as  improve / excel employee capabilities. 

Asrar has engaged in corporate governance models, business strategy identification and implementation of bench-marked practices whilst adapting each practice with the business need. Her area of expertise lies in ISO 9001, ISO14001, ISO 27001, start-up entrepreneurship, intra-preneurship and project management.

Asrar’s industry experience includes Education, Aviation, Manufacturing, Construction with an avid interest in the Health sector.

In short, Asrar can integrate business and interpret information technological jargon for anyone!

Claudia Naranjo

Systems Implementator

Claudia has over 17 years of experience working and implementing quality management systems – ISO 9001 and international best practices for software development and maintenance – CMMI (Capability Maturity Model Integration) both Services and Development.

Proficient in Microsoft Office Technologies. Knowledgeable about process mapping and project management.

Experience in the analysis, documentation and implementation of software products and software requirements. Skilled using and understanding software health systems and health processes.

Claudia is the workflow guru and is able to take manual, mundane processes and convert them into automated activities using the Microsoft technologies available today.  Through her ability she is able to save clients many thousands of hours by reducing manual activities.